Best Commercial Pressure Washer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a person who earns his bread and butter with the help of pressure washers? If yes, then you will surely know that commercial pressure washers are your best friends. The reason behind this is because they are designed with heavy usage in mind. The pressure washers have way better components than the residential ones. They are meant for everyday use whereas you should use the residential ones on weekends.

There are a myriad of products out there, making buying difficult, especially if you are a beginner. To help you with that, I present to you the best commercial pressure washers out there on the market as of now. I have tried and tested over 30 products to decide the final ones, so you can be sure of the authenticity. Let’s get along on the ride.

How to Choose Commercial Power Washer:

Gas or Electric Powered?:

One of the main things you have to consider when choosing a pressure washer is whether it is powered by gas or electric. Let’s talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, gas-powered pressure washers are way more powerful than their electrical counterpart. In addition, you would not have to worry about maintaining the cord as they do not need to be plugged in. As a result of the aforementioned points, they tend to do the job a lot faster. Not only that, Gas pressure washers are also more durable than electric pressure washers.

On the other hand, electric pressure washers are lighter, making them a better choice in terms of portability. Also, they do not need any fuel and as you can guess by now, no emission is observed. Therefore, they cause no pollution as well, making you a responsible citizen. Besides, electric pressure washers do not make much noise, as opposed to gas pressure washers.

Hot Water or Cold Water?:

Another aspect to consider is whether the pressure washer uses hot water or cold water. The pressure washers that use hot water are better at doing the job in general. The reason behind this is the hot water can clean off the grease when mixed with the proper amount of soap. This is something cold water cannot do.

So, if you are going to use the pressure washer to clean any commercial warehouse or kitchen, hot water should be your go-to. On the other hand, cold water is good enough if all you are cleaning is mud, dirt, dust, and other similar things.


To know the power of a pressure washer, you should check two things, PSI rating (Pounds per Square Inch), and volts when it is an electric pressure washer, or horsepower when it is a gas one. Now, these days, gas engines only show the size, which is represented by the unit cubic centimeter (cc), and not the horsepower. If you want your pressure washer to handle extremely hard cleaning jobs such as cleaning construction equipment, stripping grease and paint, you need a gas engine with over 200 cc size, which measures to over 10 horsepower. The PSI rating of such a pressure washer would be more than 3000. The PSI rating stands for the water pressure power. Therefore, the more PSI rating a machine has, the better its cleaning power.


Another feature you should look for is the hose. Most commercial pressure washers come with a hose and several hose-tips. With them by your side, you get more options and versatility with cleaning operations. Usually, you get 0-degree, 15-degree, 40-degree, and soap tips. Among them, 0-degree tips are the narrowest. As a result, the water comes out at a higher pressure. As the tip sizes go up, the water pressure decreases and the water area expands. Therefore, the 40-degree tip fans the water in a much larger area. This is particularly helpful in washing cars where you do not want to harm the vehicle with high pressure. These tips come with the pressure washer itself. In addition, they are also easy to use. You also get a pivotal feature in some pressure washers that let you swivel the hose.


You need a pair of good and sturdy tires. They will help you keep the pressure washer balanced as well as stable even in rough ground conditions. The best option you could look for is tires with agricultural tread or pneumatic, large tires (13-16 inches). In addition, the never-flat design is also a useful factor. They keep the tire in good condition even after extended usage. Pressure washers are prone to vibration. Therefore, tires with shock absorbers are a great option. They not only reduce the vibration, but the noise level as well.


Usability is a very important factor here. After all, there is no point in buying something if you can not use it, right? The first thing you need to check for the usability of a pressure washer is its weight. Pressure washers usually weigh around 80-100 Pounds, with gas ones being the heaviest. The reason behind this is their engines. Therefore, you need strong tires to carry them around. In addition, you should also look for carts. It would increase their portability. If you want to clean a vast area, go for longer hoses. In general, hoses are 50 feet long. Also, check if there is steel-braided design in the hose. It helps to increase its durability.

Which Commercial Pump Type?:

There are two kinds of commercial pump available in the market for you to choose from, Direct Drive pump and Belt Drive pump.

Direct Drive Pump:

In a direct drive pump, the pump is attached to the engine drive shaft via a hollow shaft. Therefore, the pump speed and the engine speed are exactly the same. As a result, the connection becomes very simple, making it cheaper. Also, these pumps are compact in nature, especially when compared to the belt drive pump.

On the downside, as the pump is situated closer to the engine, it becomes hotter soon enough. This, in turn, decreases its durability.


  • Compact and efficient
  • Smaller in size
  • Cheaper than belt drive pumps


  • Pump gets overheated
  • Lower durability
  • Vibrates a lot

The direct drive pumps are best suited for you in case you use the pressure washer as a secondary machine.

Belt Drive Pump:

When it comes to belt drive pumps, they are connected to the engine shaft with the help of belts and pulleys. As a result, the pump stays a lot further from the engine. The pump runs about one-third slower from direct drive pumps. These pumps stay a lot cooler as well, making them more durable.

On the other hand, the performance is cannot beat that of the direct drive pumps. In addition, you need to maintain them more than their counterpart.


  • More durable
  • Less vibration
  • Stays cooler


  • Performance cannot match the level of the direct drive pumps
  • More maintenance is needed

These pumps are for you if you use the pressure washer to earn your bread and butter for the most part.

Recommended Commercial Pressure Washer Brand:


A company that is manufacturing both commercial and residential pressure washers since 1960’s has to be on this list. Simpson is one such company. Not only they do make pressure washers for both purposes, they make them in both gas powered and electric powered forms as well. Mega Shot and Kind Brute are two of their most famous products.

2. Generac:

The first brand to sell home generators was Generac. The company was set up in 1959. In addition, they are the first company that made commercial pressure washers affordable to the residential marketplace. The unique feature of their products is the low-oil protection and OHV engines.

3. NorthStar:

NorthStar became functional in 1991, relatively new to the other companies on the list. Their parent company is named Northern Tool and Equipment. They make commercial pressure washers, generators, and log splitters.

4. WEN:

Another brand I wholeheartedly recommend is WEN. The brand was founded in 1951. The brand specializes in making power tools. Their products include commercial pressure washers, hand tools, generators, and so on. They currently boast of over 50 million customers.

List Of Best Commercial Pressure Washer

1. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S:

The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is arguably the best commercial pressure washer out there on the market. The company is a reputed one and it has not disappointed with this product either.

The pressure washer is powered by gas. It runs on a Honda engine with 3100 PSI rating. The PSI rating is very high, making it capable of removing not only dust and dirt but all the grease, paint, and oil stain it can find as well. If you are someone who depends on a pressure washer for making money, this one is definitely your best friend.

The GPM rating, which stands for gallons per minutes is 2.1. It means in a minute, the pressure washer can exert 2.1 gallons of water. This amount of water can handle any cleaning job with relative ease. It does not take much time either.

Simpson has given a 25-foot long hose with this product. Even though the length is adequate, it is not that much good. A 50-foot hose would serve you better. In addition, the hose is abrasion and kink resistant. This, in turn, makes it more durable.

You would get four nozzle tips in it. They are 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree. Be it a job that requires very high pressurized water, or a fanning effect, the product has it all covered.


  • 3100 PSI rating, can clean grease and paint
  • 2.1 GPM rating makes it efficient enough to do the job in minutes
  • Four different nozzle tips for more versatility
  • Brass pump head makes it more durable


  • Shorter hose length
  • Sometimes makes problems to start

2. WEN PW31:

Another brilliant product in the commercial pressure washer market is the WEN PW31. It is also a gas powered pressure washer.

The machine runs on a 208 cc 4-stroke OHV engine. These engines are more efficient and durable than others. It has a PSI rating of 3100. With this product by your side, cleaning would be easier than before.

The WEN PW31 boasts of a GPM rating of 2.5. This huge amount of water can clean even the toughest grease and paints within a matter of minutes.

For the hose, WEN has opted for a 30-foot long one with a quick-connect spray gun. The hose does the job pretty good. However, if you want to cover a wider area, you have to move the whole pressure washer quite a bit. The length of the hose to be blamed for that.

Five nozzle tips are available with this product, 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and soap. As a result, you not only get more flexibility but the added benefit of using soap firsthand. You would not need a separate way to do that.


  • 208 cc 4-stroke OHV engine
  • 3100 PSI rating
  • 2.5 GPM rating
  • Five nozzle tips including a soap one


  • Axial pump performance not up to the mark, it does not last for long
  • Hose length should have been more

3. SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H:

If you are looking for a gas pressure washer with remarkable features, the Simpson Cleaning PS4240H is your best friend.

The pressure washer runs on the Honda GX390 commercial series engine. The engine is a powerful one that does its job very well. In addition, it has an oil alert feature as well. This lets you know when you need to refuel the engine.

4200 PSI rating is a massive one. This pressure washer can handle even the most difficult grease and paint stains with relative ease. For a commercial pressure washer, it is a big asset.

4 GPM rating is another proof of the pressure washer’s efficiency and power. Be it any cleaning job, this one can do it in the blink of an eye.

50-foot long hose adds to its benefits. The hose covers a wide range of area on its own. You do not have to move the whole pressure washer with you for that.

Five different nozzle tips (0, 15, 25, 40-degree, and soap) give you better versatility and more control over any cleaning job.

A safety lock-out feature ensures the pressure washer does not operate when unattended. This way, you can save yourself as well as your family and colleagues from a lot of potential accidents.


  • 4200 PSI rating
  • AAA industrial triplex plunger pump
  • Down stream injection system
  • Safety lock-out feature


  • Wand length is pretty short
  • On the heavier side of the spectrum

4. Generac 6564:

One of the big players in the pressure washer market, Generac, has made a pretty good commercial pressure washer as well. The Generac 6564 is a product you should definitely check out.

First of all, it runs on a Pro-Grade triplex pump. Triplex pumps are better in doing the job than axial pumps. In addition, they also last almost four times longer than their counterparts.

3800 PSI rating makes sure that no cleaning job is left unfinished. The product is undoubtedly a great choice for a commercial pressure washer.

The Generac 6564 has a GPM rating of 3.6. Therefore, you can easily guess the cleaning power it has. This machine literally cleans grease and paints in minutes.

Generac has opted for five separate nozzle tips on this product (0, 15, 25, 40-degree, and soap). No matter what you want, a high-pressurized water force, or a fanning effect, the pressure washer has it all.


  • Pro-Grade triplex pump works better and lasts longer
  • 302 cc Generac OHV engine improves its performance by tenfold
  • 3800 PSI rating and 3.6 GPM rating
  • Low-oil shutdown sensor lets you know when you need to refuel the machine


  • The spray gun is prone to breakage
  • Fuel tank is small in size, resulting in more refueling needs

5. NorthStar Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer:

Now, there is an electric pressure washer that made its place on this list. I present to you the NorthStar Electric Cold Water pressure washer.

The product is equipped with 5 HP Leeson motors. It needs an operating voltage of 230 V to perform smoothly.

It has a PSI rating of 3000. This is not that bad, especially if you consider the fact that it is an electric pressure washer.

2.5 GPM rating also emboldens the fact that the machine can do its job pretty well. However, it is not very efficient when it comes to clean grease and paints. The reason behind this is the product uses cold water instead of hot water. Cold water is not capable to handle such tough stains.

The hose is braided with brass. As a result, the hose is much more durable than the products that use aluminum instead.


  • 3000 PSI rating and 2.5 GPM rating
  • 5 HP Leeson motors run the machine smoothly
  • Brass-braided hose is much more durable than aluminum ones


  • Not reliable against grease and paints as it uses cold water
  • Can not be used with an extension cord, limiting area coverage

6. Shark SGP-353037 – Best Hot Water Gas Powered Pressure Washer:

One other product worth checking out is the Shark SGP-353037- Best hot water pressure washer. It is powered by gas.

It runs on an 11 HP Honda engine. You can be sure of the quality of the engine. It operates the product like a dream.

The pressure washer has a 3000 PSI rating. It can clean even grease and paints without any difficulties. Therefore, it is a pretty good choice as a commercial pressure washer.

Not only that, it also has 3.5 GPM rating. Now, this huge flow of water is more than able to clean any tough stains you can throw in its way.

A stainless steel wrap surrounds the coil. It prevents the overheating of the coil and protects it from any damage.As a result, your product lasts for years to come.


  • 11 HP Honda engine is powerful and efficient
  • 3000 PSI rating and 3.5 GPM rating
  • Stainless steel wrap protects the coil from damage


  • The product is really heavy


Now, to help you even better, here is a final choice for you. If I had to select only one pressure washer from the list mentioned above, I would choose the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S. It has a 3100 PSI rating and a 2.5 GPM rating. Add to that, the Honda engine, 4 different nozzle tips, and brass pump head for durability, and you will see that it is clearly a product worth your money. Even then, it does not cost you much either. Therefore, even considering its limitations, this is one pressure washer you should definitely buy.

FAQ  – Commercial Pressure Washer:

1. Why should I Buy Commercial Pressure Washer?

The first question that should come to your mind is why you should buy a commercial pressure washer in the first place. Why not a residential one? The answer is this, residential pressure washers are designed for weekend usage. On the other hand, commercial pressure washers are made of high-quality materials and can withstand daily usage. Also, they are way more efficient. So, if you are someone who uses the pressure washer daily and earns their bread and butter from it, then you should definitely buy a commercial pressure washer. If not, you would be better off buying a residential one.

2. Should I buy a hot water or a cold water Pressure Washer?

The answer to this question depends upon the task at hand. Some pressure washers use hot water while others use cold water. Now, hot water is better at cleaning tough stains. It can easily remove grease and paint when mixed with the proper amount of soap. On the flipside, these models are more expensive than the cold water ones.

So, if you are planning on cleaning a lot of grease and paint, go with the ones that use hot water. Otherwise, cold water pressure washers would serve your needs easily.

3. How important is the pump on a heavy duty pressure washer?

A very important part of a pressure washer is the pump. The pressurized water passes through the pump. As a result, if it is not of a good quality, it will break down pretty easily. This, in turn, would decrease the longevity of the product. Therefore, you should check beforehand that the pump quality is good. Also, always buy pumps with a triplex design as they tend to serve better. Besides, pumps that use three plungers instead of one are more durable in general. Not only that, check the piston as well. Ceramic pistons should always be your go-to. They let the pump run at a much cooler temperature. Therefore, it increases the pump’s efficiency as well as durability.

4. What should I look for in the hose?

The hose is another part of the pressure washer that waters come into direct contact with. For this reason, it has to be sturdy enough. Always look for steel-braided hoses as they tend to be more durable than the other. In addition, a hose that is longer in length will also serve you better. You can cover more area without carrying the whole machine around. Also, check if the hose comes with several nozzle tips and a good quality spray gun.

5. What are PSI and GPM?

PSI and GPM are two important terms related to pressure washers. First of all, PSI represents Pounds per square inch. This means the force with which the water exerts the hose. In case your job is to clean your residential surroundings such as fences, gutters, cars, and so on, a pressure washer with 1000-2000 PSI is good enough. On the other hand, if you want to clean grease or remove paint that has been there for too long, you are going to need a pressure washer with 3000-5000 PSI rating.

GPM stands for Gallons per Minute and measures the amount of water exerted per minute by the pressure washer. The more GPM a pressure washer has, the better its cleaning power.

So, these are the best commercial pressure washers out there on the market as of now. If you have any more questions in your mind, or if you want me to talk about something else, do let me know in the comments section below.

Patrick Elliott

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