Best Sewing Machine For Beginners 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A Sewing machine plays the most important part of the art of designing a dress. It is also needed in altering dresses that do not fit it.

For beginners, it is essential to learn sewing in a machine that is easy to work with. Choosing the best sewing machine for beginners is very much important to develop the skills of sewing.

Here I have made a list of the best sewing machine for beginners available in the market.

List Of Top 7 Best sewing machine for beginners in 2019

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1. Brother CS6000i

The very first sewing machine in our list is the computerized sewing machine CS6000i from the house of Brother. This sewing machine got the Women’s best choice award of 2018. This sewing and quilting machine is the very user-friendly not only for the new beginners but also for experienced sewers as well. The CS6000i offers a wide range of features for sewing and quilting. The price is $149 which is very much affordable for any beginner.

Coming to the specifications that the Brother CS6000i posses are

The CS6000i has multiple stitch selector switches which allow you to choose your stitch easily. There are 60 built-in stitches and seven styles of one-step buttonholes. All the stitching style can be adjusted through the LCD screen by simply putting the number of the stitch pattern.  For a new beginner sewing and quilting with so much ease will be fun with this wide range of stitches. The quality of the stitch is also very good which will give you more than a satisfying experience.

There is an automatic needle threader included in the CS6000i that inserts the thread in the needle without much trouble. The speed of the sewing can be controlled by a slider switch. It will help the user to change the speed of sewing without going hard on the sewing pedal. The nine presser feet included in CS6000i are monogramming, buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, button fitting, overcasting, walking and spring action. For those users who don’t like to press the foot control pedal, for them the start/stop and reverse button on the machine is very much useful as it removes foot to control the pedal out of the equation.

The machine includes an automatic button holder. The led lighting is also useful while sewing or quilting dark fabric items. The position of the needle can be moved lower or upper according to the need.  The detachable extra wide table provided helps in quilting large items. Another added feature in the CS6000i that makes it user-friendly is the built-in free arm for cylindrical sewing items like sleeves, pants legs, etc. the weight of this device is light so carrying it is easy moreover the hard case provided will protect it from damages.

One might have a little trouble while sewing if you don’t read the instruction manual carefully. A new user must learn how to set up the bobbin to avoid problems. There are all kinds of videos available on the official website. You need to buy extra needles because some kind of stitches requires a different needle. While using the regular needle in sewing the zigzag pattern the machine tens to leave bigger holes or skip stitches.

After using the machine we are quite satisfied with its performance. The sound of the sewing machine is comparatively low. As a beginner I found the Brother CS6000i a very user friendly machine and enjoyed working with it.

  • 60 built in stitch settings with decorative stitches.
  • 9 different sewing feet included.
  • Extended table for large quilting.
  • Automatic needle threading mechanism.
  • Adjustable sewing speed.
  • Start stop button.
  • 7 style of one step buttonholes.
  • Machine might skip stitches or leave big holes if proper needle not used.

2. SINGER Heavy Duty 4423

The second sewing machine we have selected to be our list is the Singer Heavy Duty 4423. The machine is rightly named because it provides heavy sewing duty on any kind of material used from denims to canvas without any issues of holes or skip stitches. The Heavy Duty 4423 is available as $139. The machine is very much user friendly as the powerful motor, that is 60% stronger than others, helps in perfect stitching of heavy projects.

There are 23 built-in stitches with 12 decorative stitches, six basic stitches, one buttonhole and four stretch stitches which give the users ample scope for creativity in designs. The buttonhole is one step fully automatic. All these stitches are manually operated. The mechanism is very simple, just rotate the knob and select the kind of stitch you need. The frame of the machine is made up of metal for extended durability and for giving the machine skip-free performance for heavy usage.

The sewing speed is remarkable with 1100 stitches per minutes. The speed and accuracy in heavy projects make it the best choice for new users as well as old ones. The bedplate is made of stainless steel for smooth fabric feed with even sewing. There are four sets of presser feet with pressure control. Most of the sewing can be done with the all-purpose presser foot. One presser foot is for making buttonholes; another is designed for adding zippers, and the last presser foot is for sewing buttons to the cloth. The width or length of the stitch is 6mm.  Setting up the bobbins is made easy with the top drop-in bobbin case.  The bobbins are made of plastic so that a user can see when to rethread it, but when I tried to replace it with regular metal bobbins that I had some problems. One must remember to change the regular needle when sewing thick items.

The LED light is okay for beginners. The extra arm feature is also pretty handy. The Singer Heavy Duty comes with three needle position. The presence of an automatic needle threader will reduce the worries of new users, but it is not that smooth. Automatic reverse and reinforced stitching is another important feature of this machine. But there is no extension table included in Singer Heavy Duty 4423 for large projects.

The best thing about this machine other than technical specs is that the manufacturer provides a limited warranty of 25 years. Moreover, there is a smart phone app of Singer Sewing machines with lots of tutorial videos. For the better understanding of the working mechanism and to avoid any discrepancies you must read instruction manual provided carefully.

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is best for the beginners in terms of its powerful performance and accuracy. The beginners who want to learn the art of sewing with heavy projects can certainly opt for this sewing machine.

  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless steel internal body
  • 1100 stitches per minute.
  • Four presser pressure feet.
  • 25 years of warranty.
  • Automatic Needle threader not up to marks.
  • Can’t use regular metal bobbins.

3. Brother Sewing machine SE600

The Brother SE600 is computerized sewing cum embroidery machine. The Brother SE600 is an updated version of the Brother SE400.  The price of this sewing cum embroidery machine is $369. It can seem very high, but for beginners who want to learn sewing and embroidery skills, this is the best choice for them. More over the Brother SE600 won the WOMEN’s CHOICE AWARD of 2018 as the best embroidery machine. 9 out of 10 women recommended this product from the house of BROTHER.

Sewing and embroidery can be done on this machine with ease and without any problems what so ever. Beginners can elevate their mastery in sewing and embroidery talents in the same machine. The most attractive aspect of the SE600 is the 3.2” LCD smart color display with touch screen. You can easily view the embroidery design on the screen and edit it there. You can also can the color of the design thread with the built-in color palette.

The Brother SE600 is included with 103 built-in stitch patterns which have basic as well as decorative stitches for displaying the creativity on the Home decors, crafts, and designers. There are 80 built-in embroidery designs stored in the memory of the machine. Apart from the 80 patterns that are built in, you can add embroidery patterns of your liking. You just need to yourself design or download designs over the internet and insert it in the sewing machine through the USB 2.0 port provided. One must remember the file must be in ‘.pes.’ Format. You can decorate your designs further more with alphabets and numbers with the help of the six embroidery lettering fonts provided in the SE600.

Brother has provided a 4”x4” embroidery work space. This is the limited size of any embroidery work space. The drawback about the workspace is that you cannot increase the work space even with large embroidery hoops. Another feature of the SE600 is the bright LED light provided for working in low lighting conditions and working with dark fabric. Automatic needle threader reduced the worries of the users about threading needle eyes before starting every project. SE600 is also equipped with a free arm for sewing sleeves and cuffs. The bobbin can be set up quickly with ease with the top drop-in bobbin loader. The bobbin loader is also jam resistant. The bobbin is needed to clean regularly because the sensor inside creates a problem sometimes.

Also there are automatic features like start/stop button. Speed controller button. Needle position can be lowered and raised. 7 presser foot with spring action zigzag foot, zipper foot, blind stitch, monogramming, overcastting, button sewing and buttonhole foot. An embroidery foot is also provided in the accessories.

  • 2” LCD Smart touch display
  • Embroidery cum sewing machine
  • 103 stitch patterns and 80 embroidery designs built-in
  • 6 embroidery lettering fonts
  • Import of designs through USB 2.0 port
  • Embroidery work space limited
  • Bobbins need to be cleaned regularly
  • Price a little bit on the higher side

4. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is the most featured sewing machine on our list. The machine is best for the beginners as the wide range of stitches and automatic features provided in this machine will help to develop the sewing skills. Moreover the professionals would love to have this device for its ability to complete large variety of projects. The price of this sewing machine is $298.47.  The machine offers the users to fulfill the designer projects on decorative stitches, basic stitches, customized projects etc.

The best thing about this sewing machine is that it provides a plethora 600 built-in stitches. For any emerging designer or sewer, this feature is no less a paradise of creativity. Every stitch pattern sews effectively and efficiently. The stitches can be selected from the computerized LCD screen. In case of manual error the displays it on the LCD screen. There are basic stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches for designing, sewing, and quilting home décors, fashion items, crafting, etc. The stitch width and length can be manually adjusted with ease. The sewing spend as high as 850 stitches per minute, and the speed is very much adjustable with the speed control switch on the body of the sewing machine. The automatic needle threader and thread cutter reduce the efforts of any beginner or professional designer. With the automatic threader, any user can thread from the spool to the needle eye without any strain or pressure on the eye.

The Singer Quantum stylist 9960 has 13 built in one step buttonholes with a buttonhole under the plate. All you have to do is simply place the button in the button footplate, and the machine will do the rest creating a buttonhole in the cloth perfectly for the button to go through. Also added in this machine is the thread tension control facility. The bobbin is easy to insert with the top drop in the bobbin case and a clear cover for monitoring the bobbin thread. The automatic bobbin winding clutch is really useful amidst sewing. The machine offers twin needle facility for adding uniform hemlines when designing your clothes. The mirror imaging and stitch elongation feature are very helpful for new beginners as they expand the area of the creativity.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has an included extended table giving you a large working area for large sewing and quilting projects. There is also a start/stop button makes sewing more easy for those users who don’t like to keep the pressure on presser feet for long hours. Talking about presser feet, the Singer 9960 has 18 presser feet included in the machine like the all-purpose foot, zipper foot, embroidery foot, button sewing foot and many more. The sewing light is very useful while dark sewing fabrics. The best object provided in the standard accessory case is the pack of extra needles that can be used accordingly to the material of the cloth.

The drawback of this sewing machine is that is not easily portable. It weighs more than 20 pounds. The maintenance cost is a bit higher than sewing machines for beginners, but you get 25 years of limited warranty from the manufacturers.

This machine is best for beginners with loads of automatic features and numerous stitches that will help them to achieve their excellence in sewing and quilting.

  • 600 built in stitches
  • 18 presser feet included
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter
  • Extension table
  • Hard internal metal frame for stability
  • 13 built in one step buttonholes
  • Maintenance cost is high.
  • Not easily portable

5. Singer Start 1304

This machine is a basic sewing machine form Singer for normal expectations but is very good machine for learning sewing for beginners. The price is also very low. It is available at $83.99.  This machine is fully manual with no extraordinary features like the rest of the sewing machines in this list.

The mechanism of this Singer Start 1304 is very simple. It has six built-in stitch patterns with one decorative and one buttonhole stitch which is four steps operated. The others are straight, satin, zigzag, scallop and blind hem. The stitch selection is made very easy with the stitch selection knob. There is no automatic needle threader and cutter. The whole machine has to be threaded manually step by step. It is a minor setback, but you cannot ask for more in such a low price range. The sewing quality is nice and without any troubles. There are twin needle and dual spool for sewing. The stitch width and length is preset and cannot be altered.

For better durability and stability the machine’s frame is built with heavy-duty metal. The reverse stitch switch helps in reverse stitching and reinforcing stitch. There are only three presser feet- All purpose foot for regular items, zipper foot for zips, piping, etc. and buttonhole foot for buttonholes, ribbons, etc. The Singer Start 1304 has an automatic bobbin winding facility with which you can wind the bobbin just by following simple steps. Another important aspect of this machine is that it is easily portable. The of the Singer Start 1304 is only 11.5 pounds which means you can carry it with ease and spread your creativity from anywhere.

  • Lightweight and easy to port
  • Very low-cost pricing
  • Sewing quality good
  • 4 step buttonhole
  • Manual threading of the needle
  • Stitch length and width preset

6. SINGER Heavy Duty 4411

This machine from the house of SINGER is manual sewing which is available at $137. The sewing machine is best for new beginners because it has a powerful motor which sews clothes very efficiently and without any skips. This machine serves a heavy duty on any kind of cloth material. The mechanism of this Singer 4411 is fully manual. It is more like a basic sewing machine but has the quality to satisfy the needs of a beginner who wants to grow sewing skills within a low price range but if you want to develop your skills as a designer with multiple stitches this machine is not for you.

There are 11 built-in stitches out of which 6 are basic stitches, four decorative stitches, and an auto buttonhole. The buttonhole is four steps automatic. The internal frame is metal build for stability and durability. The powerful motor can sew up to 1100 stitches per minute with ease. The stainless steel bedplate allows any kind of material to smoothly glide while sewing. The stitch length can be adjusted with the knob provided on the machine. The stitch width can be adjusted up to 6mm. Another advantage of the machine is that it has plenty of onboard storage.

The bobbin set up is easy with the top drop-in feature and can easily be monitored through the clear cover case. The noise of the machine is considerably low. It can sew thick fabrics with ease, but if you are to sew thick fabrics regularly, then this is not a right sewing machine to buy. The device provides four presser feet- all-purpose presser foot for most of the sewing projects, zipper presser foot for adding zippers piping, etc., buttonhole foot for adding buttons and a button foot for adding buttons to the items.

The maintenance of the Singer Heavy Duty is very low. And considering a heavy duty sewing machine, it is very lightweight making it easily portable.

Apart from the features Singer 4411 provides, there are a few drawbacks which are to be mentioned. The machine has no automatic needle threader which is a big issue for beginners as well as others because nobody wants to spend time and effort on putting thread through the needle eye. The beginners had to go through the instructions thoroughly to be acquainted with the process of threading a needle. The needles provided with the machine are of average quality. The plastic casing provided is not that sturdy.

Overall this sewing machine is best for the beginners who want to increase their sewing skills within low price range. Apart from the drawbacks, though not serious, this machine will certainly satisfy the needs of basic sewing.

  • Powerful motor
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient sewing without skips
  • Stainless steel bedplate
  • 4 step buttonhole
  • No automatic threader
  • Casing not sturdy
  • Needles are of average quality.

7. Brother XM2701

This BROTHER XM2701 is the last item on our list. This is a free arm sewing machine from the house of Brother. The machine is priced at $96.09 which is very much affordable for any beginner. The machine is very much simple to use and best for new learners. The simple mechanism will surely help the beginners to develop their creative sewing skills. With this machine the beginners a can sew a wide range of items with ease.

There are 27 built-in stitch patterns with the decorative stitch, zigzag stitch, blind hem stitch, quilting stitch, stretch stitch, etc. the multiple stitches can be selected just by turning the stitch dial.  Threading is made simple in the XM2701 with the presence of automatic needle threader. The machine is included with six quick change sewing feet- buttonhole, button sewer, zigzag, zipper, narrow hemmer, and blind stitch. The buttonhole is one step auto-sized customized buttonhole. The pressure of the presser foot cannot be adjusted; it starts to sew quickly just with a gentle touch. It will take considerable time to get acquainted with the presser foot.

The sewing area is lit with LED light, but it is too dim to work in low light conditions. The bobbin is jam resistant and quick top drop-in bobbin set up, with automatic bobbin thread winder feature. Sometimes the bobbin thread gets stuck or tangled up. The machine is very light weighing only 12.6 pounds which makes it portable with ease. Also, it is backed by 25 years of limited warranty.

  • Low price
  • Works fine with all kind of fabric
  • Lightweight
  • 27 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • LED light very dim
  • Presser foot speed cannot be adjusted
  • Bobbin thread gets tangled up

In this list, we have tried to provide all the information required for the beginners to choose a perfectly suited Sewing machine. We have tried and tested each machine manually and then given the verdict. All these sewing machines in this are best suited for beginners. Now it is up to the type of sewing the beginner desires to learn. We hope this post about the best sewing machine for beginners is helpful in selecting your sewing machine.

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