How To Fix Minecraft Launcher Not Responding

Fix Minecraft Launcher Not Responding

For many good reasons, the popularity of Minecraft has been on the top since it hit the market. It’s no secret that every gamer likes to explore and enjoy its infinite world, which the company often keeps on updating. However, it is annoying when dealing with the game not working or responding in the amid. Well, this situation is so common that perhaps most of the gamers would have faced it at least once. But the good part is that you can get rid of Minecraft’s not responding issue.

Step By Step Guide To Fix Minecraft Not Responding

The most common reason

Undoubtedly, the possible reason is the inefficiency of hardware installed in your system. Some gamers can’t afford the latest high-end hardware and play it on their basic household computer. These systems have basic specs and are suitable for handling only light software.

Hence, if you want to enjoy a good gaming experience, then the first you have to do is ensuring the minimum specs. On the official website of the game, you’ll find the minimum specs it requires. Though, it’s good to have the recommended specs or at least better than the minimum ones.

1. Keep the software up to date

Software issues can also cause game crashes, so, installing the latest Minecraft version and all its updates are important. Apparently, you also have to keep the Java software up to date to have the game functioning smoothly.

2. Disabling the Discord Overlay

The discord overlay is sometimes the reason for Minecraft crashing or not responding. So, you just have to disable it via visiting the setting icon to get the game functioning properly.

3. Eliminating problems creating software

It’s observed that some security software like Norton anti-virus is incompatible with Minecraft. They often block it from accessing various features and files. Also, the security software works in the background and keeps on blocking even after disabling them. So, you have to uninstall them and use their variants to play Minecraft without hassle. You’ll find the software notorious for creating issues on the official website.

4. Updating the hardware drivers

When your hardware drivers become corrupt or outdated, they can cause issues with Minecraft. The game depends a lot on specific hardware like graphics, sound, and network. Nevertheless, you have to keep these drivers up-to-date to ensure proper functioning.

You can either download the latest drivers from the official hardware sources or rely on some software that automatically does the job.

5. Operating Minecraft as an administrator

Sometimes, Minecraft stops responding because your system isn’t letting it utilize all the resources. To lift this restriction, you just have to run the game via the administrator option. Nevertheless, you’ll easily get this option after right-clicking on the Minecraft icon.

Besides, you can also set it to always open as an administrator via accessing the icon’s property. In the Compatibility tab, you just have to check the box present beside the Run this program as an administrator option.

6. Stopping Mods

Unquestionably, the Mods enhance your overall gaming experience on Minecraft. But sometimes, they can also cause issues that crash the game and make your experience unpleasant. If the above methods aren’t working to fix, then you should disable the Mods.

With the simple trick of changing the filename, you can do so. All you got to do is alter the Mod files’ extension and add disabled to its end. You can enable it again by eliminating this suffix and restoring the original filename.

7. Reinstalling Minecraft

After trying all the methods listed above, if you’re still facing this issue, then a proper reinstallation may work wonders. At first, you have to go to the programs and features option in the control panel and uninstall Minecraft.  Afterward, you have to delete the game data folder. An easy way to enter the folder would be by typing %appdata% in the run option.

After uninstallation and deletion of the game data folder, you should restart the system to get it ready for reinstallation. However, you must keep in mind to use a clean executable copy of Minecraft. To ensure this, you should always download the setup only from official sources like Minecraft’s website.

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